Real Estate Transaction

Real estate transactions

Real Estate Transaction Attorney in Beverly Hills

Lavaee Law Group offers services in all aspects of real estate acquisition, development, financing, investment, ownership, leasing, and operation. Our attorneys have experience in the acquisition and sale of investment property, both in the traditional form and in other more sophisticated forms of property ownership such as through limited partnerships, joint ventures, corporations and syndications.

Our attorneys can also assist in drafting comprehensive LLC operating agreements, shareholder agreements and/or partnership agreements to correspond to various ownership structures.

Moreover, Lavaee Law Group has experience handling a variety of client matters including negotiations, drafting and review of leases, purchase/sale agreements, loan agreements, security agreements, pledge agreements, promissory notes, construction contracts, CC&Rs, easements, boundary agreements, licenses, indemnity agreements and real estate syndication deals.

To get started with a free and confidential consultation, please contact our office toll free or via email to speak with a real estate transaction attorney in Beverly Hills.