About Lavaee Law Group

Lavaee Law Group is a full service law firm providing a wide variety of legal services to its clients. We counsel clients on all types of matters, whether it is for individuals, investors, developers, lenders, homeowners or corporate clients.

Lavaee Law Group Professionals

Lavaee Law Group professionals are all attorneys. Although not necessary, our attorneys include individuals who possess MBAs and Real Estate Brokers licenses. With this broad base of experience and education, Lavaee Law Group is able to provide a full service practice, unlike other traditional law firms.

With a focus upon becoming one of the leading providers of legal services, we strive to provide a continued commitment to the development of effective solutions for our client’s matters. Our firm prides itself on giving its clients full service at a reasonable price. Although we are experienced attorneys, our legal fees are very affordable and depending on your case we may represent you on a contingency basis to keep you from paying any attorney fees until your case is settled.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a trusted legal partner, empowering clients with insightful guidance and diligent representation. We strive to deliver exceptional, client-centric solutions, promote justice, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accessible, ethical, and top-tier legal services. We are committed to upholding the law, advocating for justice, and diligently serving our clients' needs, ensuring their rights and interests are protected and respected at every step.

Core Values

Our core values encompass integrity, excellence, empathy, and collaboration. We prioritize ethical practice, deliver exceptional legal services, empathize with clients' needs, and foster teamwork within our firm. These values guide us in providing the highest standard of legal representation and client satisfaction.

What Our Clients Say

A couple of months before, a major accident happened to me. A truck driver has hit my car, resulting in major injuries to my neck and hand. It was a horrible period to go through. My insurance company has refused to pay medical bills….it was a really tough time. I approached Lavaee Group to resolve my issues. After a thorough inquiry, they have decided to file a case. I really thank them for representing me and making sure that I got my medical bills from the insurance company along with good compensation from the accused.
Bruno K.
I am generally not a fan of lawyers, but I happened to need one for a case against a previous tenant in my rental property. I was very pleased with the way my case was handled from start to finish, without any runaround I have gotten from other attorneys in the past. Michael reviewed my case and told me exactly what I could expect, and delivered all that he said and more. I highly recommend this firm for any landlord when legal services are needed. Thank you Michael and the Lavaee Law Group team!!!
Alex M.
I have used several attorneys over the past 30+ years, but Michael was an amazing rare find. The case he handled for me took over 4 years with a 4-day arbitration during that period. What I was most impressed with was his constant communication with me from day one. The firm was in constant contact with me every step of the way, even on court appearances, which I was not even required to attend; watching these attorneys work in the trial was sheer joy. There are just no words to describe their ability other than amazing.
Steve A.
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