Efficient property oversight maximizing value and client satisfaction

Property Management Attorney In Beverly Hills

Lavaee Law Group goes beyond the traditional role of a property management company which typically is limited to collecting rents and generating detailed financial statements.

Our team of real estate attorneys, brokers and MBAs can not only manage your commercial property, but also insure that rents are collected and defaulting tenants are evicted. In doing so, Lavaee Law Group increases profitability by offering such legal services as drafting 3-day notices and unlawful detainer actions that remove non-performing tenants as soon as legally possible.

Management companies must outsource these legal services, however, our team is capable of implementing every possible tactic to insure you are paid and on time. To get started with a free and confidential consultation, please contact our office at 310-331-8484 or via email info@lavaeegroup.com to speak with a property management attorney in Beverly Hills.

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