Dog Bites

Dog Bite Attorney In Beverly Hills

California is ranked first in the nation in fatal dog attacks.  Dog bites occur every 75 seconds in the US and an estimated 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Unfortunately, the majority of dog bite victims are children, and approximately 75% of child dog bite cases, the dog belongs to a family member or friend. Dog bite losses exceed $1 billion per year, with over $300 million paid out to victims by homeowner’s insurance.

If you are bitten by a dog, here is a checklist of things you should do:

  • Clean the bitten or infected area with soap and water as soon as possible and seek immediate medical attention.
  • Check with your doctor immediately or otherwise go to the emergency room if your doctor is unavailable.
  • If the dog’s owner is present, demand all rabies vaccination documentations
  • Take down the owner’s name, contact information and any witnesses who might have seen the incident.
  • Call the police and animal control to file a report, insist that the dog should be quarantined.
  • To strengthen your case, take pictures and keep any evidence relating to the incident.

In California, a dog’s conduct and behavior is always the owner’s responsibility. This means that if a dog bites another person, the owner is responsible no matter what the dog’s breed or cause of the attack.

We will go after several avenues to see you are reimbursed for your medical bills, including:

  • Homeowner insurance;
  • Renter insurance;
  • Comprehensive liability coverage for a business if the attack happened on business property;
  • The victim’s own health insurance;
  • The dog owner’s personal assets.

The medical bills for a dog bite attack can be staggering. Unfortunately, the emotional cost to the victims is even greater. Please call us toll free at  310-331-8484  to speak with an dog bite attorney in Beverly Hills.

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